Brief History of Lodge Canmore No. 1175


The Lodge charter was granted on 7th November 1918 and the Consecration Ceremony and Installation of Office-Bearers was carried out by the Grand Lodge of Scotland on 9th November 1918, two days before the signing of the armistice to end the European War now known as World War One.


60 Founder members signed the petition for the new charter and the Lodge was sponsored by Lodge St. John No.26, Dunfermline (now known as The Lvdge of Dunfermling No. 26) and Lodge Union No. 250.


The First Master

The First Master was Brother David M. McDonald, a Past Master of Lodge St. Leonard No. 935, Kinghorn, who now meet in Kirkcaldy. Lodge St. Leonard presented the new Lodge with a set of Working Tools, which are still in use to this day. Brother McDonald was also an affiliate member of Lodge St. John No. 26.


The Second Master

The Second Master was Brother David Murray and his influence and guidance were of great benefit to the Lodge. A well-known and respected mason, he was a partner in the local firm of Philp and Murray, linen and damask makers, whose premises were in Foundry Street, Dunfermline and later in Carnegie Drive in premises currently being used as a public house called The Brass House. With his son, William F.B. Murray, also a Past Master of the Lodge, they donated all the Lodge furniture for the use of the Master and Wardens and once again they are still used to this day.


Meeting Places

The Lodge began life as tenants of Lodge Union No. 250 in the premises next to the current Lodge Union premises in New Row, Dunfermline, which sadly lies empty and has done so for a number of years. In 1944 the Lodge purchased its own premises in Chalmers Street, a former church. The first regular meeting was held on 14th November 1944 and the Lodge remained there until 28th April 1962, when the last meeting was held. The building was purchased by Dunfermline Town Council by compulsory purchase order and later demolished to form the entrance to the local authority car park to the east of Chalmers Street. The Lodge then became
tenants of Lodge St. John No. 26 at their premises in Priory Lane, Dunfermline and returned to Lodge Union’s premises in September 1969. In January 1986, the Lodge moved to Community Centre, Baldridgeburn and remains there to this day.