On the Instruction of Grand Lodge all meetings have been cancelled until further notice.

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Welcome to the official website of Lodge Canmore No. 1175. We trust you will enjoy your visit. The site is always under development and new features will continue to be added. If there is any feature you would like to see contact us by Email in the Contact section.The picture on this page is of the 14th century ruined palace of Scots monarchs with Dunfermline Abbey on the right. Beyond, in Pittencrieff Park lies the ruins of the tower of King Malcolm III, King of Scots and Queen Margaret or Saint Margaret. Sadly all that remains of the tower are a few stone courses but in its day it was an imposing landmark. Malcolm was also known as Canmore and our Lodge is named after him. Canmore is said to have come from the Celtic 'Cenn Mór', meaning 'great head'".